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Meet Bella Santini, a 14-year-old girl living in western society on Earth, who is arrested while on a camping trip to intrude on a fairy ceremony. She is spirited away to another dimension, The Land of Everlasting Change, the Seelie C0urt fairy kingdom domain.

Bella is put on trial but is exonerated. She is forced to stay in the realm and is ordered to attend Yelimoon school. She makes friends and begins to blend in. However, before she can attend classes at Yelimoon, she must pass a series of initiation tasks.

Bella is intent on becoming a student so that she can learn magic. She believes that she will have the power to move through dimensions and return to her family on Earth with magic. Her quests begin a series of adventures in which Bella and her compatriots are faced with challenges, dark magic, and monsters.

Bella is an artist, having learned how to paint as a young child. She never gave up on it – she started with finger paints and ended up with big canvases and acrylic paint. She loves painting abstracts, allowing the paint to flow naturally in alignment with her emotions.




Matteus flying


Meet Matteus Silvano, son of the Land of Everlasting Change Tribunal leader, Freddie Silvano, and his wife, Ellamere. Matteus is a third-year initiate at Yelimoon School. He is well-liked by his schoolmates and respected by the leadership of the Seelie Court.

Young and playful, Matteus is a loyal friend who will move Heaven and Earth to help those he cares about. Initially intrigued by the small waiflike creature he was assigned to escort from jail to the Tribunal room in Thessaeria, he grew to value Bella’s friendship and discovered that he had deeper feelings for her.

Matteus struggles to find a way to stay in his joyful and playful energy while filling a role of responsibility. He intends to take on an advisory role in the Seelie Court leadership once he finishes his schooling.





Meet Shibohna Talin, Bella’s best friend, once Bella is enrolled in Yelimoon School. Shibohna is also an initiate level-one at Yelimoon. Bella firstShibohna met Shibohna while they were both on trial, held by the Tribunal in the Land of Everlasting Change. Bella was held for intruding on a fairy ceremony, while Shibohna was held for inadvertently showing a human how to enter the fairy world.

Young Shibohna is a fairy from North Cedilla, an area devoted to farming. It is rare for a fairy from that region to be chosen to attend Yelimoon fairy school. It was only because of her skills in magic that she gained entry to the revered school. Shortly after she arrived in the school, her magic was corrupted by Novaq, a young fairy of high birth who believed that she was unworthy of intermingling with his kind.

Shibohna’s magic spells always turned out with unexpected results due to Novaq’s corruption. She inadvertently found herself on Earth, held in suspense by a powerful magician named Ashworth. This spell has repercussions that continue to this day.

Will Shibohna be released from the curse on her magic?