Second Edition of Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change!

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Bella here, with exciting news! My mom, Queen Tatiana of the Land of Everlasting Change, is so pleased! I am too! Waterside Productions is now our publisher! Waterside also publishes self-development books with authors like Ekhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara DeAngelis, and more! This means our stories are recognized for helping children learn how to manage their emotions!

This new publishing alignment was celebrated by our Author when she re-edited our first book. The Author also embedded a parent’s guide into the beginning of the book. My mom, Queen Tatiana,¬†writes the parent’s guide from a space of unconditional love. The Queen provides tips for conscious parenting and tries to help parents understand the concepts taught in our stories. Between the parent’s section and the book club questions at the end of the book, there are many opportunities for kids and their parents to dive into deep discussions about complex topics.

Our Author and her team are working hard to bring our second book to market. The words are polished, the images are set, and soon the book will find its way onto store shelves. Our following announcement will be when the book is ready to be released, in about a month.

Thank you, our readers! We appreciate you!