Coming Soon: Parent’s and Teacher’s Guide!

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Hello, everyone! This is Bella’s mom, Queen Tatianna. As it is in the Fae world, it is the same here on Earth; children are your most precious resource. They are the future. If only they came with instruction manuals! But this is not the way of your world. Children are all unique, and we must treat each one as the individual they are. Each child is born with unique gifts, and when we teach them to value themselves, they are better able to share their beautiful gifts.

Many concepts in the Fae world may be difficult to grasp by Earthlings. That is why we are creating a parent’s and teacher’s guide to the Bella Santini Chronicles. This book series delves into complex topics, such as child abandonment, sibling rivalry, bullying, and the struggle between good and evil. Themes throughout the books include the power of love, seeing individuals as mirrors for us, and remembering the magic, we have within.

The parent’s guide is now included in the back of every book; to help parents discuss complex topics with their children. Please know that we do this with love, for all of humanity.