Behind the Scenes with Bella

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Hello readers! This is Bella again. I have a lot of adventures in the Bella Santini Chronicles books. Some adventures are fun, and some are not. But in the end, I learn and grow through all of my adventures!

My adventures start in book one, Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change, where I learned to value myself. I also learned that I have magic inside of me, which was a great surprise! And best of all, I began to feel capable!

The books in the Bella Santini Chronicles series have a purpose beyond just telling a story. Did you know that the author of my books has a mission to let every child know that they have magic inside of them? The magic of love; the magic of curiosity; the magic of playfulness. Yes, this is the magic that you, our wonderful readers, have within.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into the publication of a children’s book. The story must be written, illustrations commissioned, discussions had with publishers, publicists and agents. And then, her adventure begins. The author must approach podcasters, send out publicity announcements, and try to find ways to let people know about these books. If you go to the video page of this website, you can listen to snippets from some of the recent podcasts on which she has spoken.

Maybe next post I will tell you about the illustration process, and what it takes to get a book ready to be printed.