Hello World!

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I am Bella Santini, the young heroine of the Bella Santini Chronicles. I will write about my art and maybe a little about my adventures in the Land of Everlasting Change when inspired. Things have been crazy in my world, or my two worlds, since I seem to live in between two of them right now.

I haven’t had much time for painting, other than sketching dragons . . . what an amazing scene that was! You can read about it in book 3 of the Bella Santini Chronicles, scheduled for release in 2022. If things quiet down, I will try painting one of the colorful dragons. My mom has been an excellent teacher of perspective and other artistic techniques.

I remember when I was in school on Earth. I only had a few close friends, no one thought of me as popular. No one thought I was exceptional, especially me. I was small, and it seemed like I was invisible. Only after Cintarra took me to this strange wonderland of the Fae, I found out who I really was, and my life expanded.

It doesn’t matter if you are small; it doesn’t matter if you only have one friend. You are unique; you have gifts to bring to the world. It takes time to find your gifts; when you take the time to get to know yourself, and when you learn to like yourself, your gifts will be revealed. What really matters is that you are important to this world, even if you are told you are not. You are of infinite value; if only you can remember that!