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Studies revealed that Covid-19 has a devastating effect on children’s mental health, with depression and anxiety prevalent. According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control, there is an increased risk of suicide, especially among the youngest adults, aged 18-24. Within this group, suicide is identified as the second highest cause of death.

Isolation has dramatically increased during lockdown conditions, leading to increased depression and anxiety rates for all ages. Boredom, uncertainty, worry, loneliness, and fear, are also reported as increased in children due to the pandemic and after-effects.

Adults have a reference for today’s events; for the most part, they understand what is going on. Children have no reference, no understanding. Many do not have access to strategies for dealing with emotions.

The Bella Santini Chronicles, available at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon, help children understand emotional intelligence and consciousness, giving them coping mechanisms to flourish in today’s harsh climate.

These books are for children ages 8—11. We help children develop coping skills at this young age, so they’re better equipped to ride the waves of adolescence. Children exposed to this series will develop skills to navigate our uncertain and confusing times more easily and readily.

We are giving away 150,000 e-book versions of Book One of the Bella Santini Chronicles to help children thrive. If you have connections to kids who are suffering the emotional effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, please share the link below!

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