• Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change is a coming of age, action/adventure fairy tale featuring a strong female lead. Bella, with the help of new friends, overcomes many challenges as she moves through the magical realms of the Seelie Court. Sprinkled throughout the tale are consciousness concepts and tools, designed to open the hearts and minds of readers to who they truly are – capable, strong, magical beings.

    Bella Santini, a typical 14-year-old girl living in a western society on Earth, is arrested for intruding on a fairy ceremony while on a camping trip with her parents. She is spirited away to another dimension, The Land of Everlasting Change, the domain of the Seelie Court fairy kingdom. Bella’s life takes a detour as she learns to manoeuvre through this new reality.

    Bella is immediately jailed and put on trial for trespassing upon arrival in the kingdom. She is exonerated, forced to stay in the fairy realm, and required to attend Yelimoon school. However, before she can attend classes, she must pass a series of initiation tasks. Bella believes that by learning magic at Yelimoon, she will gain enough power to move through dimensions and return to her family on Earth.

    The Yelimoon school initiation quest begins a series of adventures in which Bella and compatriots are faced with challenges, dark magic and monsters. All is not well within the Seelie Court of fairies; the balance of power is in danger of shifting. The trolls are rising up and creating an army. Dark magic is being woven into the threads of the kingdom. Bella and friends must tread carefully through this background of unrest as they work together to overcome adversity.

    “Others may try to plant doubt in your mind, telling you that you cannot, that you are not enough, that you can only succeed if you follow their methods. They are all wrong! You have all the magic that you need within. All you need to do is to reach inside to find the answers.”

    Within this book series, children will learn:

    The power of love and tolerance
    That feelings are meant to be felt and processed
    How collaboration can overcome unbalanced odds through use of combined intentions and actions
    Tools for handling difficult interactions involving emotions such as depression, intolerance, and abandonment

In 1969, Mr. Rogers testified in front of the US Congress, stating that his program, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, had done a great service for Mental Health in America, by making it known to children that feelings are both mentionable and manageable. Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change takes readers down that rabbit hole; teaching children that both experiencing and processing their feelings is one way to health and wholeness.


The series of books, known as the Bella Santini Chronicles, continues on to reveal more adventures experienced by Bella and friends.